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Responsive Custom Website Design

Responsive DesignYour company is unique and different from others. You know this. Perhaps it is time for the rest of the world to know it too. Our professional design team builds every website unique and custom tailored for your specific needs and goals. More than just a 'pretty' website, we work to capture your uniqueness and drive the message across in your design to where is most important for your company growth.

Our designs are Responsive, which means that elements on the pages will adjust automatically when the site is viewed on either a mobile or tablet platform. This is very important as the usage in businesses with non-PC based systems is growing by leaps and bounds.

Unlimited Dynamic Pages

Add as many pages as you want to your site through Spruance, our easy to use content manager. Easily add new pages as drop down menu items or links, all with a click of a button. You can incorporate multimedia elements on your pages as well including photos and videos, and select from several page layouts.

Contact Us

Each website is given a Contact Us page, where you can get direct feedback and inquiries from the website. We capture all contact information from users and put it into our own Customer Relationship System (CRS) in Spruance. There you can view, edit, and export your contact list, which can include prospects, leads, and customers.

All outbound E-Mail from the website will be formatted with your own designed HTML E-Mail template matching your new design. This way your "brand" is consistent and you look professional.

Calendar & Event Registration

Keep your customers, members, and prospects up to date on what your company is doing with a dynamic online event calendar. More than just a mark on a calendar, your events can contain full descriptions including photos and video.

You may also set up Event Registration for any of those events, prompting attendees to register online for the event. Aside from gathering all the basic contact information from the attendee, we also allow you to put in multiple custom questions for each event as well. So aside from asking who is coming to the picnic, you can also ask what each person is intending to bring.

Company News

Keep your customers informed with the latest news from your company and industry. You are able to have unlimited articles and able to seperate them into categories of your choice.

Online Forms

Streamline your processes with dynamic online forms. Build and share online forms with different types of questions. Easily view and export your form submissions.

Spruance Website Controller

Spruance Website Controller Are you tired of continually having to pay for changes to your website? Time to take control with Spruance, our own Content Management Solution (CMS). Spruance is the online management suite where you are able to make changes to your website and manage your system from any internet connection. Everything from uploading photos, to adding news and events, to making photo galleries, to making pages --- you can control it all with a few simple clicks of your mouse!

More than just a control suite, Spruance is an open and growing solution. Far from being confined by the limitations of a "boxed" CMS, Spruance grows with your site and we can build custom reports, controls, and modules to fit your specific needs. Remember, Daslos is a custom development shop, and Spruance allows us to build dynamically for every client without limitations.

Upgradable Solution

With this solution, you are not just getting a "boxed" website package. Our solutions are built to be expanded and grow with your changing needs. Most of our clients have been with us for a long time and as their requirements change and new ideas are formed, we jump to action.

Boxed solutions are great because they are cheap. We don't believe that every company is the same, nor that they will all have the same needs and goals. That is why this solution is not just a website, rather a Technology Foundation for which you are able to grow in any direction that you desire. By building this solution on Enterprise Class Frameworks from Microsoft and using only the best tools, we are giving you something to build upon.

Geek Stuff

Ok, for the nerds in the bunch. Our websites are written using the .NET framework from Microsoft. Our sites are all custom C# web applications running on an enterprise cloud server utilizing Windows Server 2012, with 24/7 monitoring and backup services.

Our website are database driven, utilizing the powerful Microsoft SQL Server 2012 engine, meaning that your sites are built upon a solid Technology Foundation.
Microsoft Server 2012
Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Microsft .NET Framework

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All websites are stand alone custom solutions, meaning that alterations and changes to features and functionality are not only available -- but encouraged.